McDVOICE Survey helps you to win exciting rewards for taking part in McDonald’s survey website

Been to McDonald’s lately and feel the urge to describe your experience. Well, to some services, the feedback system is just a formality but not for the McD. This is why they are offering the opportunity to provide a proper survey in terms of a feedback from its customers. This post is regarding McDVOICE – McDonald’s Survey for Customer Satisfaction where we will describe how you can enroll to provide your feedback for the same.

Everyone knows about McDonald’s fast food chain. It was the first to bring out a commercial and successful business from the American Hamburger in 1940. Later, the chain of McD Restaurants and Drive-ins’ with additions to the menu were developed to attract and satisfy larger masses of customers.

Take Your Survey or Give Feedback


Now, McDonald’s has released an online portal that will help the customers to provide feedback on the meals and service they receive at different outlets. We will describe more regarding this in the post below. So go through the details to know more about McDVOICE.

Using the survey, the company benefits in understanding the needs and the levels of satisfaction by their customers. Also, these reviews are analyzed by other critics to rank the service of the restaurant. Customers may also provide falsified feedback at times.

Hence, McDonald’s Survey is merged to some benefits for the customers that will entail them to declare their real feelings. You’ll get to know about the same later in this post. But first, we would like to elaborate the procedure of accessing the site. Using this portal the customers can provide their feedback. – McDonald’s Survey Procedure

The restaurant has some specific requirements and contingencies that they take so that only true customers who go to their outlets can provide the survey feedback. This is because the details on the receipt will provide the access to enter the survey forms. Moreover, the customer can provide his/her review in a week’s time after which the receipt will not be eligible for providing feedback.

A person can recall events in particular to the McDonald’s meals for about a week accurately. After one week of receipt, the same will not be applicable for feedback or the coupon/reward marked on the receipt. Now, there are different kinds of receipts that the users receive at different outlets. Here are the steps for any customer to access the for feedback;

McDVOICE - McDonald's Survey

  1. After you enjoy the meal provided by McDonald’s at the restaurant or at home, you have to keep the receipt ready and access the official website for McDVOICES.
  2. There are different receipts and we mainly categorize them as “With the 26 digit code” and “Without 26-digit code”
  3. Your login to the system will be dependant on this two types of receipts.
  4. If you have a valid receipt with the 26 digit code;
  5. You will see the page where you have to enter the 26 digits from your valid receipt. The code will be visible under the heading “Survey Code” in the top segment of the receipt.
  6. Enter the digits appropriately and then select the “Start” tab there.
  7. The system will verify this and directly take you to the feedback questionnaire.
  8. If you do not have the 26-digit code on the valid receipt
  9. Your receipt will have other details using which you can access the feedback forms. Simply, click on “Do not have 26-digit survey code…” tab.
  10. A new login page will appear where you will have to fill in other details from the receipt. You need to provide;  Store #, KS #, Date & time of visit, Order # and the amount spent as a total of the bill.
  11. The system will verify the details of the receipt and grant you the feedback form for filing online.

There will be questions regarding your meals, how efficient the service was, any personal comments, the ratings for meals, time take to receive the order, etc. Enter relevant data for the McDonald’s Survey. Answer every question that is appropriate and finally, you will get a “Validation Code number” which you can use to redeem your reward. Users have to write the validation code on the receipt for accessing the rewards of the offer at McDonald’s.

Minimum Age18 Years
Language AllowedEnglish and Spanish
Company NameMcDonald's

On the screen, important instructions are provided that relate to the offer. Users need to utilize the code/offer within 30 days from the date of receipt. Also, it is important to know that not all McD outlets participate in the offers. Hence, be there at the right place for enjoying the benefits when you’re at McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

About McDVOICE Customer Survey

Firstly, there are few things about McDonald’s restaurants in particular. This is the world’s largest chain of restaurants handling about 68million customers per day worldwide. There are 36,900 locations at which McD outlets are placed, in a total of 119 countries across the globe. Its headquarter is presently at Illinois, US and will be moving to Chicago in 2018. Serving different fast food items to its customers, the management of the service is more eager to make the service better for them.

McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is why they moved from the traditional email feedback system to something more appropriate for such a business. McDVOICE Customer Survey, also known as, McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is intended to allow the customers to provide their genuine feedback about the meals and the services they received at any of the McD outlets. McDVOICE Customer Survey is available as a web portal which the users can access to provide their feedback.

The website is applicable to use for feedback in most parts of the world. The main McDonald’s restaurants provide receipts with the offer but do ask for the same when ordering. The feedback from the customers are valuable to the service providers and will help them make to improve customer satisfaction norms.

Well, friends! We wish to now conclude this post here. We hope that the information on “McDVOICES – McDonald’s Survey for Customer Satisfaction” has been helpful to all. Also, share this info with others to help them redeem their offers. For more information regarding this, contact us here. Thank you, dear readers.

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  1. breakfast McD Frankfort Ky 3438 versailles rd My typical AMbreakfast
    Mostly ok food and service
    today however.. They were extremely busy and I understood and waited patiently to order
    Orderedd 2 buritos and saus bisquit (welll done)
    finally got ?order.. buritos were squashed where upon unwrapping guts fell out
    Sausage was warm (barely) and basically raw

    took tray back to counter, showed lady and she said too bad we are busy????
    asked for Manager and was told he was busy? asked them what were they going to do and was told
    my problem there was nothing wrong. Young lady came over and said gosh we will make you new ones and counter woman told her to mind her own business and went on to another customer
    I threw all out and walked out Nice service huh

  2. Today was the worst experience I have ever had at McDonalds I go the the one at the corner of Hammerly and Gessner. My reciept is printed so badly that I can not read it sorry, there was food and trash all over the eating area , tables had not been cleaned off and the staff ( who were as friendly as a den of pit vipers) just stood there stupid when you tried to tell then. While I was there another customer called the staff a bunch of rattlesnakes becasue they would not listen to his simple request. Also this has happened 2 weeks in a row I ask for dine in and they bring it to me in a bag, I am on a walker so its all I can do to get me around less a bag of food I am going to eat there. The staff did not listed to anyone, they looked at you like you were some space alien. When I complained about how filthy the store was they just walked away. I visited your store on 9/1/2018 around 2 pm sorry I can not give you more info but as I said I can not read the reciept.

  3. I enjoy the Breakfast Burrito from your Dollar Menu. BUT…you removed it from the Dollar Menu. Please include the Breakfast Burrito in your Dollar Menu. Thanks

  4. Yesterday, 09/08/2018, I purchased a Big Mac, 2 cheeseburgers and a medium fries from your store # 37189 here in Aransas Pass. Traffic through the drive thru lanes was only moderate: there were not multiple cars waiting in either lane nor was the parking lot full of cars for in store eaters. I received the paid stub (# 1320) at 4:54 PM and was told to pull off line to wait in slot #3. I waited and waited and finally my order was delivered at 5:18 PM, 24 minutes after I paid. I noted the time on the receipt and had my server sign her name to corroborate the time. Though I live only 4 minutes from the store, when I got home to eat, the food was cold even though the outside temperature was 92 degrees. There were other customers who had a long wait like me.
    This 24 minute wait is outrageously bad service by any measure.
    It is apparent your manager there at the time either needs retraining or termination. And, I believe McDonalds owes me a apology and a compensating act.
    As a long time McDonalds customer (I am 81). this store set a lifetime record.
    Jack King, Drexel BS ME, Harvard MBA
    2150 Honor Drive (Windy Shores), Aransas Pass, TX 78336
    PO Box 711, Aransas Pass, TX 78335
    Office 361 758-2410 (preferred)
    Cell 361 717-0080
    Newman-Johnson-King, Inc. Search Consultants * Established 1957 *
    Formerly, Chairman of the Board of the Better Business Bureau of Houston, TX.

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